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Development history


The company grasped the development trend of the Internet of Things, launched N series intelligent Internet of Things touch screen, unveiled the mysterious veil of the Internet of Things, and stepped to a new level of development.


With timely planning and forward-looking layout, the company has realized the localization of core devices, independently controlled key materials, and provided a strong backing for subsequent high-quality development.


The company implements the sales partnership system, innovates the marketing model boldly, subverts the traditional agency system and direct sales system, keeps up with the theme of the times, fully stimulates personal potential, rationally distributes benefits, and attracts outstanding talents to join, laying a solid foundation for the company to go further.


The company launched high-performance Hn series products with cast aluminum shell and main frequency of 600MHz, which raised the appearance, speed and experience of HMI products to a new height and created a new era of high-end human-computer interface products.


The company launched high-end Hi series products with Cortex-A8 CPU as the core, redefined the HMI industry standard, and combined with the newly upgraded MCGS embedded configuration software to provide customers with a wider, broader and higher application platform.


The company takes ARM9 CPU as the core to comprehensively improve product performance. The new generation of mcgsTpc products has a safer, more stable and faster processing capacity, which opens up a new trend of human-computer interface.


The company launched a new 10 inch product, and the new generation of mcgsTpc products changed the HMI industry standard, leading the human-computer interface into a new era.


The company launched the new mcgsTpc embedded integrated touch screen series products. The whole line of products has been upgraded to 128M storage space. The product design is solid and compact, the touch operation is convenient and safe, and the appearance is simple and fashionable.


The company's mcgsTpc products have been upgraded to a new generation of human-computer interface products with ARM2440 as the core and 400MHz as the main frequency, becoming a leading human-computer interface product at home and abroad.


The company launched a CPU motherboard based on ARM2410 technology with completely independent intellectual property rights, becoming one of the few high-tech enterprises with motherboard development technology in the field of industrial control.


The company entered the hardware field, launched the mcgsTpc series human-computer interface products based on embedded technology, created the enterprise development road from software to hardware, and formed the comprehensive advantages of software and hardware integration.


The company has determined the embedded development strategy and is the first domestic manufacturer to launch embedded configuration software.


The company leads the advanced military configuration software industry and has successively launched MCGS general version and MCGS network version software. Through years of efforts, the company has become a first-class configuration software manufacturer in China.